Miss Ross


*texts back 3 weeks later* sorry I fell asleep

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*looks at pet* fucking furry lmao

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this is the police. open up. tell me something about yourself, don’t be afraid

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to catch a bus you have to think like a bus

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I’m glad people can’t read my mind cause all they’d be hearing is me saying lmao to myself

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*moaning* what’s ur credit card number

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fruit salad 

*deep voice* yummy yummy

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what does sending anon hate accomplish… go outside… pet a dog… ride a bike… Call your dad and apologize for being a disappointment

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so many of you have changed your icons and urls and i really don’t even know who half of you are anymore i just go with it

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you might as well wear a condom on your head if you’re gonna act like a dick 

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